Shenyang Golden Flying Horse Paint Co., Ltd.


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      • Industrial equ
      • Terrace paint
      • Architectural coating
      • Home decoration coating
      • Printing ink
      Shenyang Golden Flying Horse Paint Co., Ltd. was established in 1976. From 1995 to now, the company has ushered current resplendence of Golden Flying Horse Group through scientific management, technology innovation and industry upgrading. The company purchased Guangdong Zhongshan Zhongyi Paint Factory Co., Ltd.
      By the creation of website for the company, first of all show the highest respects to friends, partners and clients who support our works. The company will adhere to good quality and sincere service to create our brand and own public praises from clients. By the end of 2014, the company moved to new address, and devotes ourselves to creating new industrial upgrading to realize asset securitization, collectivizing, stocking right diversity, product high-end oriented and market internationalization. Shenyang Golden Flying Horse Company will insist on regulated operation……
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